Professional Fishing Guides

Professional Fishing Guides

Through our Guide Program Texoma Destinations and Lighthouse have a relationship with more professional fishing guides than any other marina on the lake. The guides are out on the water every day and know where the fish are biting, which can change day to day. Please see the alphabetical list of our guides below… they’re all great, you can’t beat having an experienced, professional guide take you out to chase some Striper.

Please Note: Lighthouse Resort and Texoma Destinations are not directly affiliated with the guides below. They are all separate entities. While we do think taking a guided trip on Lake Texoma is one of the best ways to catch fish, we do not specifically endorse or recommend any guide service. We recommend you do your own research to find the guide that best suits your needs and your group’s personality.

Lighthouse Fishing Guides

The following is a list of guides that operate out of Lighthouse Marina.

Guide NamePhoneEmailWebsite
Rex Bridges800-211-7808
Capt. Steve
Capt. John

Lake Texoma Guides

The link below is a comprehensive list of most guides on the lake.